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Floral Fantasy
Artist: Rita Wilmers

Welcome to Ziggie's Cafe

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About Ziggie's Cafe! See the menu at Ziggie's Cafe! Contact us at Ziggie's cafe!

Welcome, the staff at Ziggies Cafe helps you feel at home plus you can eat well and relax for hours. We now have outdoor cafe seating. C'mon enjoy the surroundings, meet a friend! If you can't make it to Ziggie's we can come to you, WE DELIVER!

Cappacino and coffee at Ziggie's Cafe!Frappe at Ziggie's Cafe!Beer and wine at Ziggie's Cafe! Beverages at Ziggie's Cafe!


We have a wide array of beverages that are sure to quench your thirst. Coffee, tea, specialty drinks, beer and wine. menu

Breakfast at Ziggie's Cafe!


Start your day or begin your lunch here. We have scones, bagels, muffins, egg wraps, croissants, paninies and waffles. menu

Muffins at Ziggie's Cafe!Croissant with eggs at Ziggie's Cafe!Egg wrap at Ziggie's Cafe!
Panini at Ziggie's Cafe!Vegetarian at Ziggie's Cafe!Wrap sandwiches at Ziggie's Cafe! Sandmiches at Ziggie's Cafe!

Lunch time! Have our famous paninies, wraps, specialty or vegetarian sandmiches and round off that lunch with a salad. menu

Desserts at Ziggie's Cafe!


Our desserts are famous and delicious! Something for everyone and each treat is a delectable delight. menu

Brownie a la mode at Ziggie's Cafe!Ice cream at Ziggie's Cafe!Hot pie at Ziggie's Cafe!

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